Our quality policy of OTOKAM AUTOMOTIVE, to display activity as part of company commitment and implement the principles below as common responsibility of everyone. 

1. We publish a Quality Policy which we ensure is understood, implemented, maintained throughout the company.

2. We empower all S.S. personnel to initiate actions to prevent product or service non-conformance, to identify 
record and quality problems; to recommend solutions or improvements.

3. For every commitment there is a nominated Lead Customer contact, Lead Technical Contact and Quality Manager,
“continuous improvement philosophy” embraced by every employee. We also make efforts that promote Wuhlermann 
product in local and overseas markets as reliable, favorite trade mark.

4. To be ensure our brand which prefered by domestic and international market and provide customer satısfactory and expectations by use our sources efficiently. 

5. We work for our customers to define their expectations, make them satisfaction.

6. Make sure the services and materials from suppliers are of consistent and sufficient quality. We emphasize environmental protection.

7. Execute legal liability completely.